Art Meets Play in West Side Swingset Installation

by Colin Dabkowski for the Buffalo News.

“In our experience in Buffalo and elsewhere, playgrounds are also some of the only real mixing spots for people from different ethnic and social backgrounds,” Jamrozik wrote in a statement. “We have an opportunity and an obligation to provide more of them in our city for the kids but also for the adults, to provide more opportunities where people from different walks of life can interact and get to know one another and to build community.”
— Colin Dabkowski


FULL CIRCLE quite literally plays with the theoretical concept of play and its purpose. This is not a novel leap; the connection between art and play is a conceptual framework that is growing on an international level.
— By Kristen Penman

A Full Circle Community

By Queenseyes for Buffalo Rising

The swing is made for both kids and adults, who react and interact with one another. Sit facing inward, or outward. Swing super high, or enough to bring a smile to your face. In the end, Full Circle is intended to help bring a community together – a community that is already sharing a tighter bond than ever before.
— By Queeneyes
Full Circle is considered part playground equipment and part sculpture. The unveiling will second as a celebration of this vibrant West Side community that continues to press forward.
— By Buffalo Rising

Full Circle!

By Buffalo Rising