Lynne McCabe (b. 1975) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose interactive work focuses on a process-lead and collaborative practice, creating work that is the product of social engagement and negotiation. While McCabe’s most primary medium could be described as conversation (although she creates installations, performances, and photographs), many of her works unfold around meals. For the Blaffer Art Museum’s current installation of Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art, McCabe worked with Houston’s Uchi chef Philip Speer to create a culinary translation and evocation of her feminist reinterpretation of Erik Satie’s seemingly infinite, repetitive, and eccentric notated musical composition – Vexations in the Kitchen. Four courses of this dinner all used the same ingredients—sorrel, salmon, and mushrooms—in different presentations. In addition, to play off Satie’s unusual notation of flats and sharps, food was often presented to appear as one thing visually, yet would present a completely unexpected flavor.