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Review: More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s Elides Affecting Art to Reveal New Meaning

Lily Lampe, Burnaway

More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s, which recently closed at the Ackland Museum of Art in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, surveys the ways in which contemporary artists use love as a political force [February 1-March 31, 2013]. Love is defined loosely to incorporate sharing, communication, gifts, and acts of service; in short, acts that breed understanding and intimacy between all parties involved. This contemplative show, organized by consulting curator Claire Schneider, cleverly juxtaposes artworks to expose layers of meaning in well-known pieces, and provides a revealing second-look at some of the best art of the past few decades...”

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The Ackland Art Museum shows ‘More Love’

Courtney Mitchell, University Gazette

“An exhibition of 33 contemporary artists exploring the political, philosophical and social landscapes of love begins with three traditional little words: “I love you.”

They are spoken by a mix of voices – some desperate, some assuring, some sweet or shy – in the first part of Julianne Swartz’s multi-site installation “Affirmation,” which plays in the entryway of the Ackland Art Museum’s “More Love: Art, Politics and Sharing since the 1990s.”

“From the beginning, we’re talking to you,” consulting curator Claire Schneider said. “I wanted to engage all the senses and create a rich experience...“

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The Ackland's landmark but short-term More Love exhibition

Chris Vitiello, Indy Week

“For the next six weeks, as you enter the Ackland Art Museum, someone will tell you that they love you.

Julianne Swartz's audio work "Affirmation" (2006–13) chirps this positivity from several locations throughout the Ackland, one of many works in More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing Since the 1990s that reaches across the distance between you and the artifact. The organizing idea behind the exhibition is artists addressing love, but that word is really a stand-in for any sincere, meaningful connection, whether between an artwork and a person, between people, or between individuals and the political and social bodies they help comprise…”

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Ackland given Award of Excellence for ‘More Love’ exhibit

Sarah Vasello, Daily Tar Heel

“Since being honored on May 5, the Ackland Art Museum may agree with the Beatles: love is all you need.

The Association of Museum Curators awarded an Award of Excellence honorable mention to the Ackland for “More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s,” an exhibition that ran from Feb. 1 to March 31 in 2013.

The contemporary art exhibition was organized by consulting curator Claire Schneider, who had been working on the project for more than five yearswhen she brought it to the Ackland…”

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