Intern @ CS1

A crash course in art curating. Learn from one of the most experienced curators in Buffalo. See how exhibitions, performances, site-specific projects go from idea to reality. Work on a range of dynamic projects at all stages of production—exhibitions, pop-up events, garden and art projects. This means practically that you will do any range of things from help manage images and work on documentation for present and past projects to dive in and build a website or do research on up-coming projects. There is even the chance to write. (Past interns have gotten published in big catalogues.) It all depends on your skills set. If you are up to the task I’ll let you do it.
  Felice Koenig: Drawing Together , Big Orbit Gallery, April 24, 2015. Image by intern Hannah Olek.

Felice Koenig: Drawing Together, Big Orbit Gallery, April 24, 2015. Image by intern Hannah Olek.


The Job
There is a lot to do in curating, from project-based research, photography, digital image management, web-site making, video editing, organizational tasks like archiving, transcription, helping to put together events, writing, and lots of nuts and bolts stuff to make projects happen, stuff from grant/proposal writing to dish sourcing. I welcome individuals with a wide variety of experience, talents, and skill sets. I do want someone who is a hard worker and will jump in headfirst. That can mean artists and art historians or other creative types, grads or undergrads.


Who I Am
CS1 Projects is a facilitator of creative art projects in unexpected spaces. By commissioning new (often participatory) work and supporting artists’ practices, CS1 is dedicated to expanding the audience for contemporary art. CS1 was founded by Claire Schneider, a curator with over 15 years of experience in large and small museums, on big and small projects, dedicated to working hand-in-hand with contemporary artists. I’m in the documentation phase of two food + art projects with a chef and artists from Buffalo, a drawing + social practice project at Big Orbit in April, helping match sculptors and farms for projects at Artfarms, and performance piece with a Finnish artist and Buffalo’s new music ensemble Wooden Cities.


Who You Are

·       Enthusiastic. Please be excited about art, about the world, about doing new things.

·       Organized. Please be organized.

·       Interested and invested in Contemporary art. Points if you know your art history, but if you have other key skills this is not always necessary.

·       A self-starter. You can identify problems on your own and solve them.

·       Reliable. You follow through on projects, are dedicated and arrive on time.

·       Research Lover. You love to dive into new ideas, figure out the story behind the story. Know what sources to trust. Know how to use an old school library. Internet savvy.

·       Social media enthusiast. You like to brag all the time about all the cool things you are doing and will make you stand out above others. If you know Square Space I will really love you.

·       Photographer. If you own a good camera and can take good pictures, this is so helpful.

·       Writer. This is always a pulse. It’s not absolutely necessary, but if you have this skill I can find ways for you to show it off.

·       Funny. You have a sense of humor.



Interns must work ten hours a week. This is an unpaid position, but there will often be a free lunch. There will also likely be studio visits with artists and the opportunity to attend a range of meetings. You can do some of this work from home, but it’s better is you come by my office in Buffalo for at least half of it. I’m here 9-5pm M-F. You may be required to attend after hours events.


How to Apply

·       Tell me what you’re looking for in an internship, and why you want to work at CS1.

·       Email Claire at

·       Let me know your preferred start date and which days/times you’d be available. (Make sure this works with my hours as described above.)

·       Include your resume.

·       Two writing samples—if you are interested in project-based research and/or you think you might like to write.

·       Two photographs or video samples, if this is one of your skill sets.

·       Also include a link to your website or examples of design, or anything else you’ve created that you think I should see.

Application deadline: On-going. Start now or contact me regarding Summer 2016.