Thank you for participating. How was it? We are looking to collect a thoughtful reflections from collaborators at their experience of Drawing Together. Write something quick. Or more considered. Your responses will help us do another version of the project. We are dreaming of a hospital, the downtown library, schools, who knows. 

We would also like to include a few pieces in the artist book, How to Draw with Friends, Friends of Friends, and Strangers, to be published this summerIf you are interested in being included or are just willing to share your experience, please write a 50-500 word summary of what it was like to draw with Felice Koenig and what you took away from the project. Please include something about yourself and why you decided to participate. What did you expect going in and how did that compare to the experience? But either way, please share your feedback.

A handful of the best submissions will receive a free-signed print of their drawing and the top few of these will be selected for the artist book.

DEADLINE JUNE 15, 2015. (We welcome submissions earlier. Those submitted before May 13 may get to take home a print at the May 16 closing at Big Orbit.)

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