If you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us at felicekoenigdrawingtogether@gmail.com. 



Does it cost anything?

 No, the project is free. The idea is that it is an offering to the Buffalo community and an opportunity to share the experience of connection and creation with a wide range of people.


Can I sign up more than one person for a single session?

 No, the idea is that project is about a one-on-one experience. It’s like having an intimate conversation with just one person. And for the integrity of the project, we want to keep each drawing with the same guidelines.


What if I’m not an artist?

 We especially want non-artists to participate. We would love to have everyone come draw with Felice, see the wish list of people that we are just beginning to imagine: nurse, lawyer, musicians, K-12 Science teacher, car mechanic, secretaries, contractor, chef, architect, internet programmer, anyone and everyone.

This project will have the biggest impact on those who do not make art and are unfamiliar with the process of drawing.


How long will the drawing take?

 Each drawing is scheduled to last an hour and a half. However if you would like to leave early before you drawing session is over you are welcome to, and not required to stay the entire time if you feel that you are done.


Why so long?

 While preparing in practice for the project we found 90 minutes to be the most adequate amount of time for completing one of these collaborative drawings. There will be pauses in the process and often times the participants don’t realize how much time has actually passed while they are focused on drawing.


Can I keep the drawing?

 Each participant will receive a digital copy of their drawing for free. However if you would like to purchase a signed print of your drawing, they will be available for sale. Another way of receiving one of these prints will be to write a 150- to 250-word thoughtful response to your experience, and submit it to felicekoenigdrawingtogether@gmail.com.  We will choose a handful of best responses to will receive in exchange a signed print of their drawing. A select few of these favorites will possibly be included in the artist’s book How to Draw with Friends, Friends of Friends, and Strangers.


Will we talk? What will we talk about?

 Verbal conversation is encouraged, and adds a new dimensionality to the drawing process. You may talk about whatever you feel comfortable discussing with Felice, and can get as personal as you want.


What if I’m nervous to draw with someone whom I’ve never met?

 This is supposed to be a new experience for the participant, so it is totally natural to feel nervous. The gallery will have an area set up to replicate Felice’s studio, and there will be tea provided for the participants to feel more comfortable. Big Orbit is not a loud gallery with a lot of traffic, and there will be some curtains separating the people working on the drawing from the other individuals visiting the gallery.


What if I hate my drawing?

 There is always the possibility to throw it away. Not every work of art has to be for public view. So we hope that it will become a part of the group, but there is always the option to recycle it.


What if the appointments fill up?

If all of the available appointments fill up, you can send us an email and request to be added to the waiting list. We might be adding more dates in the future if we need to.


How old do participants have to be?

Old enough to sit for 90 minutes and focus on the drawing.


Are there any restrictions to how many people I can sign up?

Thanks for your excitement about the project, but because space is limited we only want one member per family to participate in the exhibition.  We want to keep the project open to as many diverse people as possible. Hopefully this is just the first step in an ongoing project, and there will be more opportunities in the future.